Friday, December 26, 2008

It's time to break the silence...




How long can you lie,
How long can you die,
How long can you wish to stay
And yet say goodbye.

How long can you bleed,
How long can you plead,
How long can you give away
When it's all that you need.

How long can you fear,
How long can you bear,
How long can you loose it all
Yet smile without a tear.

How long can you stand
The agony of disgrace.
How long can you endure
The defeat in embrace.

How long can you conceal
What you felt all this long.
How long can you ignore
Your heart's wishful song.


It's time to break the silence,
It's time to speak the words,
It's time to tell the sky,
The sun, the clouds, the birds.

It's time to give the answers,
To end the gloomy nights.
It's time to speak the truth,
It's time to claim the rights.

It's time to hope, it's time to dream,
It's time to wish, it's time to scream.
To speak your heart, word by word,
It's time to ask from the nasty world...
my fair share of happiness...
my fair share of happiness...

Friday, April 25, 2008



"You don't need no words to say you're in love"

Silence is...

the most truthful confession,
the most candid expression,

the quest of an innocent victim,
the answer to an exhausted pilgrim,

the memory of the departed,
the anxiety for the awaited,

the feeling of danger,
the company of a stranger,

the wordless admiration,
the unstated competition,

the most honest proposal,
the most vicious refusal,

the most romantic conversation,
the most brutal humiliation,

in the waiting of a date,
in the arms of a mate,

in the beginning of a cry,
in the end of a lullaby,

in the kiss of a lover,
in the hug of a mother,

the pride of a father,
the envy of a neighbour,

the strength to deny,
the need to comply,

the courage to question,
the needlessness to mention,

the concealed storm,
the unspoken norm,

the most dreadful threat,
the most earnest regret...

Silence is not when you don't have words....its when you don't need them.


Friday, March 14, 2008



This is a poem dedicated to my new born niece...the angel from heaven :)


I remember asking God, what was it,
That kept Him working hard for days.
What was it that had kept Him from
Listening to all my sanguine prays.

He never told me what it was,
Till one fine day, out of the blue
I heard a voice that changed my life,
And swamped my world with charm undue.

A voice that knew no truth, no lies
Needed no words, no expressions to say
The most precious prayer ever chanted,
And said it all, the most candid way.

A voice my ears were dying to hear,
A cry that filled my heart with joy.
The sweetest song I've ever heard.
The angel had come, ahoy ahoy ahoy!!

And then I saw this fairy move,
Her arms and legs in a dancing way.
As if delighted on her advent
To the world that changes every day.

The little hands went to and fro,
Full of energy, full of delight.
Hands that'll one day move the world,
Fulfill the dreams, spread the light.

Hands that'll work with endless passion
And yet be gentle enough to care,
Hands that'll never leave a friend,
Hands that'll help, hands that'll dare.

And then I saw those beautiful eyes,
The two most precious pearls of all.
Twinkling like a pair of stars,
They'd shine until the heavens fall.

I wonder at the depth they had,
With hopes and dreams of better time.
The eyes that had to witness yet
Scenes of charity, scenes of crime.

And yet their shine proclaimed to say
That all'd be right, all'd be fine.
That all'd be better, 'coz she had come
A gift from God, a soul divine.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Let there be light


Let there be light

Genesis 1:3 (John Bell)

And God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light.
~ The Bible

Let there be light...
As there is no place for darkness
Or hopelessness or despair.
Ere baffling thyself and digress
Remember, God is in the air.
Let there be light...

Whatever comes thy way,
Be it good or bad.
Don't let the situation sway
Thee to do anything mad.
Thou shalt not submit, thou shalt not fight.
Let there be light...

Everyone for everything,
For none of us is pure.
Vengeance yields nothing,
Revenge is not a cure.
To harm a man, thou hast no right.
Let there be light...

Right from wrong,
Virtue from vice.
Lies never last long,
Devious payeth the price.
Thou art the priest, thou art the knight.
Let there be light...

High and Far,
Beyond the limits of sky.
For thou shalt be at par,
With how far thy mind can fly.
Thy dreams are pious, thy hopes are bright.
Let there be light...

Thyself from fears,
From feelings of lust.
Thy shall shed no more tears,
In Him shall thou have trust.
Shun thy frailty, vanquish thy fright.
Let there be light...

By thy true face,
Whatever falls on thee.
For all this is by His grace,
His wish is what shall be.
The curve of thy lips, can make day out of night.
Let there be light...

"Let there be light"

These were Thy first words,
Thou Creator of everything,
Yet Thy children have utterly forgotten
What Thou uttered, and lost its meaning.
But why art Thou not moved
By this revolting sight?
and say it again....let there be light

The endless darkness of this hour,
The glooming values of mankind,
The growing shadows of greed
Making Thy children blind.
Wish Thou could hear, Thy child's plight
Lord, say it again....let there be light
Let there be light
Let there be light

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Transcendence

The first poem ever written by me :)

The Transcendence

Look there he goes, running here and hence,
Behind the green bills, fame and prominence,
An utter contentment or a splendid triumph,
He knows not exactly, nor does Nymph.

Veiled by his pursuits, his eyes blindfold,

Barring his enlightenment from what nature hold.
The sights and sounds most vivid and vibrant,
That beckoned him once, seem fail to enchant.

A forlorn pedestrian in a boulevard of avarice,
That leads to gluttony, envy and malice.
In search of subtleties, and things obscure,
He misses the rich, palpable and pure.

This incessant chase for affluence transform
The primitive soul to a dispassionate form.
The soul that once was considerate and humane,
Now bears these thoughts as banal and mundane.

But it's never too late, says the fervent dryad,
To the commuting man as he enters a quad.
You don't have to toil or search through infinity,
For the enticing sights are at your vicinity.

The alluring mist, the enthralling hills calling,
To feel the breeze, to hear the rain falling,
To caress the velvet leaves, to cuddle the sky,
To bathe in sunlight, flutter with the butterfly.

These treasures that nature proudly comprise,
Offer the ecstasy, the joie de vivre of paradise.
With all its transcendence, elegance and grace,
Man's revival it will most happily embrace.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Tribute to the 5th Semester

they say what's past is past...they say you must move on...
they say you must keep fighting...but at has
to stop n think about where he's going....or rather where
his life is taking him.

haunted by the past,
taunted by the present, and
daunted by the future, i find myself overwhelmed by the
cacophony of thoughts n memories infuriating my conscience.

what went wrong?? is not the question i ask myself...all i
seek is what could have i done to make it better??

the 5th i find it now...was full of atrocities as
well as pleasant surprises...there were times of ecstasy
n times of grief, times of ebullience n times of enervation.

it started with the usual surge of fervor, the i'm-gonna-rock
attitude, but as they say, the faster it grows, the sooner it
plunges. the abatement was inevitable. soon, i found myself
back on the same struggling self, trying to maintain a balance,
a balance between the wants and the availablities, the wishes
and the duties, the dreams and the realities. and as i see it
now...i could have done better.

beset by the everlasting conflicts between the "Id" and the
"Super-Ego", my vacillating self could not fulfill my pursuit
of tranquility. and as if this was not enough. as they say,
people come n go in your journey of life, but some leave
enduring marks on ur character that get engraved on your
gravestone. but the irony is, they do so when u most need 'em.

being an odd semester, it brought with it the most happening
days of my life - antaragni 07. what a festival!! as if granting
a "happy ending" to my debilitating hopes.

and as said by einstein, time seems to move faster when u
r most occupied. four months went by, and i'm on the brink
of a break-through. these hours of introspection are not only
palliative, but seem to promise a complete makeover as i keep
rediscovering myself.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

court marshal

P.S. "myself" is not audible to "prof"....phew!!! ;)
Tuesday......6th November
having read that a prof wanted to meet me regarding a course in the next semester.....I was
moving towards his office with all the confidence in the world. "Oh....I can convince him in no time!!!" said "myself" to "me".
[no response]
the door started moving back.....n i could see three heads staring at me as if i'm from some other planet
turning to the right i saw my destiny.........thick spects [that sucked]...working on his computer but suddenly disturbed by my unexpected invasion into his territory.
me (with a smile) : "Sir, if you are busy i can come later".
i was ready to hear "ok...u come at...bla..bla..bla.."
prof : "Listen....i won't allow you in my course next semester"
myself : "What the hell!!!....he...he hasn't even asked my name!! Oh, am I that famous!! ;) "
prof (continuing his speech): "You've attended only 7 out of 32 lectures of this course, I won't let you in."
myself (amazed): "how does he know??? ......does this mean that i've waisted 7 hrs of my life on that subject???....shame on me!!!"
me (still smiling ): "ok sir :)"
i closed the door slowly n turned my face back.....n look at that!! a whole bunch of PhDs staring at me like anything
i don't remember my journey back to the hostel....all i was thinking was how to handle this.
but then suddenly i could hear the dialogue from the movie "guru" that said "'na' shabd sunayi nahi deta humain"
i came back to my room n wrote an email to him saying that i didn't discuss with him at that time because i didn't wanted to disturb him [actually i had nothing to say at that time ;) ]
n thought of going ahead with some "claims" n "promises" to placate this <@#%$&%> prof
the result.....he asked me to come to his office again :)
back to the same stage this time i was moving with even greater confidence
but this man was difficult to handle
as i sat down face to face with him i found myself in a situation of "court marshal"
imagine u don't even remember when was the last time u attended a lecture (that's not too hard to imagine by the way!!).....n suddenly one day u'r sitting in front of a prof who asks you...
prof: "So why don't u attend the lectures??"
"myself", who normally never stops speaking in my mind was silent for the first time!!
i literally felt like running away....far away from him [or rather from myself]
me: "Sir, aahhhmm....actually....aa...hhmm....its a thing of routine...."
i bet "routine" was a wrong word to use at this place!!
by this time the loquacious "myself" was back on track!!
myself: "Lectures!!.... u call them lectures!!....hell with them!!....that imperturbable creature never cares who is listening in the class!! its not worth waisting my sleep for that monotonous thing u called lecture.....n that too at 8 am in the morning!!.....even my girlfriend can't wake me up at 8.....who are u to ask for that golden period of my life!!"
prof : "routine!!...can u tell me what do u do at 8 am everyday??"
this time i really really wanted to fly away...
me: "Sir, i'm usually sleeping at 8 am"
then started a whole bunch of what i would call as blasphemy.
he didn't leave seems he was fed up from years n this avalanche in him was waiting for somebody to come underneath it.
from classy preachings about "work ethics" to cheap scoldings like "i think u'r not getting ne other u'r behind me to take u"....he simply spoke up everything one would never want to hear
n me.....poor me....
"myself" was ready to explode like a nuclear bomb....but it was time to let the guy speak....
prof: "i'm gonna conduct surprise quizes in the next people like u will have to pay..."
me (nodding): "ok sir"
myself: "now he's coming to the line ;)"
prof: "...n i'll deduct 1 mark for each absence"
me: "sir, u deduct 1 from everyone....n 2 from me...i'f i'm absent"
myself: "what!!...what are u saying!!...have u gone mad!!"
i seriously think it was an overstatement
n i promised him to attend all the rest of the classes of the present course....again a big mistake!!
prof: "ok i'll accept u"
me (obviously smiling): "thank u sir"
the words "'na' shabd sunayi nahi deta humain"...echoed all over my mind n by the time i reached my room, i was accepted :)
by the way...i have 2 quizes no more typing :)